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RPL -Recognition for Prior Learning is not applicable for entry level 2 course.
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Application fee R500
Course fees R54, 000 (R19, 800 Sponsored by Word and Life Church)
Discounted Course Fees R34,200 (Study material included, but courier/postage cost are not included)
Per MonthR 1425 (Non-Refundable)
Professional Body fee (Only for Student membership) For more details, please visit the website https://www.aschp.net/registration.html 
Final exam fee (EISA) Waiting for prices from QCTO
RPL Application fee R1, 500 (Non-refundable and excluding RPL Assessment fee) Note: The RPL assessment fee will be charged separately depending on the number of Assessments and Credits. For more details, please contact training@wnlacademy.com 
Total course fee R34, 200 (Excluding RPL, EISA fee, Student membership fee with the professional body)
I have uploaded the following documents:
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