Please, take note that student affiliation with the professional body is mandatory. Once a student is accepted at WNL Network Training Academy for the Counselling programme, the student must register online with the relevant professional body. Here is the information and link for the recommended professional body:
Association for Supportive Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners (ASCHP)

The ASCHP (ID 984) is a SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) recognized professional body with listed designations on the National Qualifications Framework (Act 67 of 2008). The ASCHP provides membership to counsellors who work in the non-statutory domain, i.e. who are not psychologists.

The ASCHP is affiliated with the Council for Counsellors in South Africa and the Natural Healers Association. The ASCHP fulfills the following functions in accordance with SAQA requirements:

  • Is a legally constituted entity governed by a constitution to practice according to good corporate governance principles
  • Assures protection of public interest in relation to services provided by its members and the associated risks.
  • Develop, award, monitor and revoke professional designations in terms of set rules, legislation and international conventions and disciplinary measures.
  • Is obliged to keep a record of members and submit a list of our members to SAQA together with the required personal information.
  • Can apply RPL (Recognition Prior Learning) in order to qualify an applicant for membership registration in terms of formal, informal and non-formal learning and work experience.
  • Set criteria for, promote and monitor continuous professional development (CPD) for our members in order to enjoy ongoing professional training to stay abreast of the latest research and amendments to legislation.
  • Provides a code of conduct and operates a disciplinary mechanism for the reporting and investigation of members who are alleged to have contravened the code.
  • Practice fair admission of membership and objective recognition of educational providers. Make career advice-related information available to education and training authorities and providers such as the SETA’s.
  • See to it that its members practice within their professional scope of practice.
  • Members of the public have access to the ASCHP to request recommendations to a registered counsellor in specific geographical areas.
Here is the link to register online: