Face to face

The WNL Network Training Academy offers Face to Face delivery model for the students who wish to attend classes. In this option students are physically attending classes at WNL Network Training Academy in Sunwardpark . Students are further supported through information services, support from subject matter experts and additional tutoring services upon request.  

Online Learning Platforms

WNL Network Training Academy has developed Online Learning Management System (OLMS) for the students who wish to study online.  The OLMS provide access to the learning material, additional reading material, and the facility to upload assignments and communicate with students regarding assignments, workshops and other matters related to their studies. The Online Learning Management System called “Google Classroom”, a user-friendly source on google platform.

Distance Learning (Post)

WNL Network Training Academy also offers its programmes through Distance education via post as additional learning support to students.  Some students will not be able to attend classes and will not have online facility to study online, so through post system students can submit their assignments and receive their material from the Academy. While contact class sessions are compulsory when a student is registered on distance (Post) learning mode, students are encouraged to attend these sessions because WNL Network  Training Academy has signed MOU’S with certain Church Organizations to accommodate Distance Education tuition support sessions.