WNL Training Network Academy is the formal training institution accredited as a Skills Development Provider (SDP) of Word and Life Network (www.wnlnetwork.com). This Academy is specifically established to empower the learners through accredited Occupational Qualifications or Part-Qualifications. The Academy will provide value-driven training through Face-to-Face interaction and blended (online and face to face) mode of delivery. 

The team of WNL Training Academy consists of well diversified and educated staff with many years of accumulated knowledge and experience with a very good administrative and financial infrastructure. The Academy will function through the oversight of a registered board of directors and a management team that will be responsible for the daily operations.

These accredited, value-driven, skill-based qualifications and part-qualifications will fill the training vacuum of Practical and Work-based learning that the Universities and other private higher education institutions are unable to provide in South Africa.